Redbird Simulator

Durham Flight Centre is proud to offer flight training on our Redbird FMX Simulator


  • Innovative three axis, full motion platform
  • Certified Transport Canada Level 2 Flight Training Device (FTD)
  • Stunning 200 degree wrap around cockpit visuals
  • State of the art glass coackpit or classic 6 pack gauges (steam)

Redbird Range of Motion

Different Aircraft Configurations to Fit Your Needs

Redbird Cessna 172S - Analogue 6 pack layout, Garmin 430/530 GPS, Autopilot

C172S Analogue


Redbird Cessna 172S - Garmin 1000 Glass layout, Autopilot

C172S Glass


Redbird Piper Seminole - Analogue 6 Pack layout, Garmin 430/530 GPS, Autopilot

Seminole Analogue



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