Durham Flight Centre (DFC)

Established in 1997, Durham Flight Centre or DFC is a Transport Canada registered Flight Training Unit that has been training aspiring pilots for more than 15 years.  Located in the Enterprise Airlines hanger building on the grounds of Oshawa Municipal Airport, DFC has earned the reputation of being a top notch flight school that charges fair prices for ground training, instructor time and plane rentals.  

Want to give flying a try?  Give us a call.  Or check out our introductory flights.  Introductory flights also make great gifts for friends and family.

Why DFC?

At DFC we care about our students.  We take a personal interest in our students and their success in flight training.  Our student advisor is available to help you plan and manage your training, and to work with you if there are bumps along the way.  And it does make a difference.

As a flight school student the Oshawa Municipal Airport is the place to be in the Toronto-Oshawa area.  There are major advantages to the Oshawa airport for flight training, including virtually no congestion, 24 hour operation, an air traffic control tower and modern navigational aids, extensive airport based facilities, and more.  From the Oshawa airport to nearby practice airspace the flight time is only about 10 minutes – which means less time and money spent just traveling to train!

Our instructors find ways to work with your schedule and with our fleet of planes we can generally accommodate our students so that they are able get training time when it makes sense for them.  Again, this allows DFC students to progress through flight school at their convenience and at a pace that works for them.

Overall the cost of doing program at DFC is very competitive with other schools.  With the level of personal attention that we provide our students, high availability of both instructors and planes, and a practically ideal airport for a flight school, our students are able to progress quickly through their training, minimizing delays and expenses.  Of course we can’t control the weather…yet!




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